Rated five Chinese films female role more prominent than female lead

all and sundry is aware of that Vu has usually had a distinctive and controversial way of creating movies. but, it is undeniable that the helping roles in the scriptwriter’s tasks have repeatedly impressed the public more than the primary individual.

there’s a motif this is very frequently utilized in his tasks to raise women extra distinguished than the lady lead in his films. that can without difficulty be seen in many movies of the 1978 playwright. even though that is a chunk unreasonable in filmmaking, but for Vu Chinh, “nothing is not possible.” Going to “transgender” for the characters within the movie additionally do the more person subversive man or woman for him is just too easy.

1. Phu Hoang Hoang in Dien hello Cong luong

It must be that the enthusiasts of the movie are “doing the rain, wind” these days – Dien hi Cong inspired with the queen (Qin Lam) mild, right? If you can see all of the humans, from the royal family to the concubines, the ladies (except Cao Quy Phi) love her. Even the lady lead Wei He (Ngô Cẩn Language) now not afraid of heaven afraid of the land, however just met the Empress additionally know the way to shrink one.

in keeping with the script, the movie Dien hi Cong luong describes the affection tale of Qianlong and Phi Fei Wei. but, the boat of Lac – lengthy couple is best long term later to be raised. The film has a total extent of 70 episodes, however Phat Hoang Queen occupy forty waves. isn’t extra than half the film? Then the female Wei Wei Lac additionally land to behave anymore? If the primary set of ladies Wei Wei Lac does now not have anything terrific out of doors the embroidery talent and clever mouth, Phu Sat is extremely good integrity. not most effective the lovely look however her temperament is gentle according with the requirements of the world.

As a further individual, the audience devotes all their love to Phu Sa Hoang. Her demise precipitated many visitors to regret, even a few humans desire that the film group will “modify” history in order that Phu Quoc Queen is satisfied in Qianlong.

2. East internal Realm of Tan Huo Giang

the best factor continues to be the film “Tang Tuan Giang Ho” in 2013. even though named as the principle female, however to the 20 th episode, “Holy lady” (San San San) is newly appeared. but, the extra she later drowned before the prominence of an East inconceivable (Chen Qiao En) too private and delightful.

Beside that, the shaping of the Orient remains “crushed”, even the “damaged” the main commercial enterprise Nham business. at the same time as Orientlessness is built sharply, lovely. As enterprise Entrepreneur, even though the lady lead however the form once more, the cake is like “chameleon”, no spotlight points remarkable. in addition to his useless and wax-faced facial expressions, San San San ruined Kim Dung’s photo.

despite the fact that the principle individual, however enterprise Entrepreneur audiences cheered the nation-state, face and mouth rice mouth “swish”

even though Yu Zheng modified an excessive amount of as compared to the unique but can not be negated that the Orient is not the maximum beautiful and maximum loved character ever. due to the extra characters that make many visitors assume the East isn’t the principle girl movie. Even greater, many commented that SM enjoyment regarded to simplest make the movie more lengthy and detrimental of the affection among the Unfair East and Ho Xiu Hua.

actual to the original, Dong Phuong isn’t always the son but inside the arms of the chief of the “transsexual”. It even made many unique humans like it

three. Lan Lan Chau in My Nhan Vo Le

once again San San San is again to the phenomenon “drowned out” with the aid of the helping individual within the movie US Humanity. even though her function is Dai Ngoc Nhi – Queen’s page she has numerous land and additionally the main role but nevertheless not akin to Lan Lan Chau with the aid of Zhang Ming.

The beauty of the Lan Lan Chau now not handiest makes the Imperial Crown passionate that the target audience is fascinated

The beauty of her Lan Lan Chau no longer best makes Hoang Tai Chi (Bao Cai Uy) soulful however additionally makes the target audience infatuated. now not handiest that, her overall performance Lan Lan Chau additionally “devour off” as compared to Dai Ngoc Nhi. The expression at the face of the woman lead Dai Ngoc Nhi is too difficult, a few corn, no matter the satisfied or sad scene is likewise extensive eyes, glaring closer to the opposite. now not best lost the style of the version of the arena’s minorities, however additionally makes the audience more sympathetic to her Lan Lan Chau. Even after the person of Lan Lan Chau died, pretty loads of visitors have “abandoned the movie” just due to the fact the feelings for this individual is simply too large.

four. Mac Mo Ly in Grand theft automobile: 2014

If the Dai Hiep version is featured in a magical head of Li Gong, merciless, then the 2014 model of Vu Chinh backwards completely. no longer handiest multiplied the land for Ly Mac Sau, the scriptwriter born in 1978 additionally told the tale of affection, the cause for her turning into cruel is due to every turned into betrayed in the past. This made many viewers sense sorry for Mac Mo’s.

while female Gaga (Tran Nghiep) received the “rain bomb” to create the image, Li Mac tune (Truong Hinh Du) won the sympathy of the target audience by means of the type of sa, salty. If the younger girl became too chubby, hair like “hen thighs” backwards, then Mac Macs have a pointy form, the extra the fairy goddess, escaped.

5. Empress of the Queen in the Virgin Media

within the movie Luc Trinh transmission, Duong Dung plays the role of Zhuan Yun – the opponent of Luc Trinh (Trieu Le Dinh). With authentic performing, the expression at the face variety, further to the eyes talk, Duong Dung has portrayed a cranky negative and indignant, a beautiful queen but similarly the cruel part of love.

in the meantime, Luc Trinh’s function of Trieu Le Dinh turned into spoiled by the overall performance of a colour, in addition to the flashy, cumbersome layout does no longer appear to be a queen. That makes Yang Yang’s Yang is pushed better within the coronary heart of the target audience and enthusiasts.


it could be seen that thanks to the principle thrust of the main woman target market that new audiences spend greater affection for ladies. In time, he contributed to the casting of the solid of the helping forged.

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