5 best kids games for iPhone and iPad!

Tablets and smartphones are usually for adults and teenagers. However, they are becoming increasingly good for kids as well. There are a ton of kids games and apps with both entertainment and education in mind. If you’re thinking of giving your little one your iPad to play with, might we recommend these awesome iPhone and iPad games for kids! Unless otherwise specified, all of these games work for both iPhone and iPad.

Angry Birds is a very popular series of games. In fact, it’s so popular that it go its own movie. The games aren’t as popular as they once were. However, they make for great kids games. The mechanics and controls are simple enough for most kids. Additionally, the bright colors and cartoon style appeal to kids about as much as it does to adults. There are several games in the series and each game has hundreds of levels. They are freemium. Make sure your phone is protected from unintentional purchases from the kids!

Duck Duck Moose is a developer on iTunes with a ton of kids games. Most of them have educational value as well. Some of the better ones include Word Wagon, Fish School, ChatterPix, Moose Math, and Build A Truck. There are over a dozen other selections to choose from. The games feature simple mechanics, bright colors, easy controls, and, again, some educational value. We recommend these games for younger children rather than older ones. Most of the games are also entirely free with no in-app purchases.

Intellijoy is another developer on iTunes with a ton of great kids games. Most of them have educational value as well, similar to Duck Duck Moose. The ones we liked include Kids ABC, Kids Learn to Read, Kids Numbers and Math, and Kids Learn Shapes 2. There are about a half a dozen other games as well. They work well on both iPhone and iPad. Additionally, like most kids games, they include bright colors, easy controls, and simple ideas. Again, we recommend these mostly to younger kids. Older kids will likely grow bored with them rather quickly.

LEGO doesn’t just make excellent kids toys. They also do some great games. Some of their big titles include LEGO DC Superheroes, LEGO Scoopy-Doo Escape, the NEXO Knights series, the Ninjago series, and more. The games have very little educational value. Instead, they aim for entertainment and fun. These games are for older kids rather than younger kids. The mechanics, controls, and ideas may be a little too complicated for younger ones. Most of the games are free. The few that aren’t don’t cost very much.

Originator is a developer on Google Play with several popular kids games. The games are mostly for younger kids and they are all educational as well. Some of the better titles include Endless Alphabet, Endless Numbers, Endless Learning Academy, Endless WordPlay, and MathTango. These work best for grade school kids. Older kids probably already know all of this stuff and kids younger than that may have issues with controls. All of the games have free version with extra content available as in-app purchases. These are not freemium games as the content purchases are permanent.

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